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Now that you know what is needed for your web site, maybe you can update your databases and link them to your site. Visit the Business Solutions area to learn how!

Defining Your Web Site

A road map to get online.

Even people who consider themselves savvy computer users may have trouble finding the best approach to setting up a web site. TREX will walk you through the process, ensuring the final web site makes your business more productive. Use this guide to see the steps to starting your customized site, and the information you will need to provide.

Define your goals and audience:

The first questions that many web site designers ask include "How many pages do you want?" and "How many links do you want?" Sometimes the more important questions of "What are your goals?" and "Who is your audience?" are never asked or answered. Before designing your site, TREX will make sure we both understand the answers to these questions. Some reasons to get online could be to:

  • Provide information about your company

    This could include a simple online company brochure to create an online presence, or a searchable library of information related to your company's services or products.

  • Attract new business

    Many people search for products and services using the Internet. TREX can add your site to the major search engines, such as Yahoo and Alta-Vista, to help people find your products and services.

  • Establish credibility

    If you are a small company, being online can make your appear larger. You can stay in step with your competition if they are online, or you can beat them by exploiting this new venue.

  • Market and sell your product online

    Putting your catalogs online will allow customers to search for the products they want and review product information. TREX can also set up a full electronic commerce site to sell your product online.

  • Provide customer service or support

    A web site is very effective at providing customer service and support. It allows customers to search through your site to find the information they are looking for 24 hours a day. Dispersing this information via the Internet is often less expensive to maintain, and more effective for the consumer than traditional customer support methods.

Once you know your goals, link it to what you already do:

Once your site is established, it is important to keep the information current. This can become a difficult and expensive task if a web master is not in your employ. TREX can help to eliminate some of this burden by linking your existing company databases to your web site, so it is automatically updated real-time. We can also create custom applications that will allow any computer user to enter the information into forms that can be formatted and uploaded to your site automatically. Visit the other areas on our site to learn more about these possibilities.



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