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TREX can help you with all you need to do to get on the web. Visit our step by step guide to learn how to create a site customized to meet your specific needs.

Web Site Design

Usually, when a company decides to purchase or develop a product or service, it is to fulfill a specific need. When it comes to developing a web site, however, many companies go online because "it's the thing to do". To service these companies, there are a multitude of web site developers ranging from high school students to small companies who develop cookie-cutter web sites. At the Technical Resource Exchange (TREX), we believe that a web site should fulfill a specific need, improve how a company operates, or increase a company's profitability.

Where Do I Start?

Even people who consider themselves savvy computer users may have trouble finding the best approach to setting up a web site. TREX can walk you through the process, ensuring the final web site meets your business needs. Use this guide to see the steps to starting your customized site, and the information you need to provide.

Web Site Parts and Possibilities:

Web sites can have many purposes and perform a variety of functions. A site could range from simple information about your company to a full electronic commerce site completely integrated with a company's product, financial, and inventory databases. Review our Web Site Parts and Possibilities page to get ideas for your site.


Graphics are a necessary part of any web site. Graphics can make a site more exciting and interesting, however they can also make the pages too large to be loaded quickly. There must be a balance to keep visitors interested without losing visits because of slow downloads. We will work with you to add graphics that are important to your site's purpose, add navigation icons to keep your site interesting, and use the latest compression techniques to make your pages load quickly. TREX can use existing graphics and color schemes already developed for your company, or can help you create a company logo and colors. Our Graphics page has more information and examples.

Custom Applications:

TREX knows that for a web site to really be useful, it must be tailored to your requirements. Many times, there are no existing programs available to meet your specific needs and custom applications must be created for your site. TREX has the expertise to create Java, Java script, C, visual basic, and active server pages (asp) that will allow your site to be truly customized. To better understand how custom applications can make your site work for you, visit the Custom Applications page.


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