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What can the web do?

If you want to get on the Internet but don't know what type of site you need, take a look here to see what things a web site can do, and discover the possibilities for your business.

Parts and Possibilities

Get an idea of all that a web site can be.

Web sites can have many purposes, and perform a variety of functions. A site could range from simple information about your company to a full electronic commerce site completely integrated with a company's product, financial, and inventory databases. Take a look at some of the possibilities for your web site below.

Common Parts

There is some information that every good web site will have in some form or another. Here are some of the parts required for even the most basic web site:

  • Home page

    This is the first page that a visitor to your site will see. It introduces the site and welcomes further exploration. It should be attractive to keep their attention, however simple enough to load quickly. The complexity of the home page will vary with the goals of the site. The home page will also include a simple way of navigating the major areas of the site.

  • Navigation

    If a visitor cannot easily find the desired information on your site, they may just look for another company. It is essential that the navigation of your site is easy to understand and meets the particular goals of your site.

  • Common colors and icons

    A well-integrated web site needs to have a common look and feel as a visitor navigates through it. Using consistent colors and icons throughout the site achieves this. Picking colors that work for your purpose is important to set the feel of the site, whether it be a fun place, or a serious tool.

  • Contact information

    Your site should contain general information about your company, including a brief history, and contact information (phone, fax, mail, e-mail, etc.). This will show wary customers that you are a real company, not just electrons in cyberspace.

  • Main functionality

    The main body of the site will contain the information for the visitor. Again, this can be in many forms: a database, a catalog, or a brochure. There are many possibilities, keep reading to learn about some of them.

Optional Parts

There are many purposes a web site can have. Here are a few possibilities.

  • Online Database

    If you company has databases with information you want to share with your customers, TREX can link them to your web site. This will automatically keep your site information up to date. The information can be linked to indices or can be searched. If you need a new database for your site, we can set it up so you can easily maintain it.

  • General Information

    Your site can contain general information about your company and your products or services. It will add a new medium for customers to find you, and learn about your business.

  • Customer Support

    If your business includes customer support, the Internet is one of the best ways to provide it. All manuals can be put online for easy downloading, reducing the need for phone support and mailings. You can maintain your customer database and send product updates or information via e-mail, spending less than traditional mail. Your site will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customers to get information at their convenience.

  • Online Catalog

    Putting your catalog online allows customers to find your products and information easily at their convenience. You may attract customers from outside your local area that may otherwise have not heard of your company.

  • Electronic Commerce ( E-Commerce )

    Once your catalog is online, you can sell your product online using electronic commerce. Web technology is much more secure than in the past, and consumer confidence is building. Getting your product available online could open up markets that would otherwise be closed to your local stores.

  • Internal company communications

    Not all web sites need to be available to the public. TREX can develop a company Intranet that will only be available to your company personnel. This will allow your employees to share information electronically and maintain a current copy of important company documentation. A company Intranet can be integrated with databases and libraries. It can also be used to distribute newsletters and other reports to save on printing costs.

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