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How much graphics does my site need?

Too many graphics will make your site slow. Not enough will make it boring. We will get the right balance and make sure the graphics you do use are optimized for transfer on the Internet.


Graphics are a necessary part of any web site. Graphics can make a site more exciting and interesting, however they can also make the pages too large to be loaded quickly. We will work with you to add graphics that are important to your site's purpose and add navigation icons to keep your site interesting. TREX can use existing graphics and color schemes already developed for your company, or can help you create a company logo and colors.

What type of graphics should be on my site?

The number and type of graphics that should be on your site will depend greatly on the purpose and goals of your site. Is the site meant to attract attention, or provide information? Graphics will probably be the largest files on your site, and the more you have, the longer it will take for your pages to load onto a customer's computer. However, a site without graphics can be dull. TREX will help you find the delicate balance to get the best looking site, with the minimum file sizes.

The Internet can transfer many file formats and there are various formats to store pictures or graphics on computers. Two graphics formats, gif and jpeg, are more common on the Internet because they store the pictures as very small files, allowing faster transfer over the Internet. Converting to these formats requires experience to get the smallest file sizes while maintaining the best possible picture quality. To better understand this, we have stored a sample picture in the same format, one before optimization, and the same picture optimized. View these two files and note how long the non-optimized file takes to load. TREX will make sure your graphics do not make your site too slow so your customers loose interest.

How do I get graphics for my site?

TREX can scan in any existing graphics or photographs you have and add them to your site. We can also use a digital camera to get new graphics for your site. If you do not have a company logo, TREX can help you develop one, or modify one that needs to be updated. We will use your logo to develop a color scheme, and develop buttons and navigation icons consistent with your sites theme.


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