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What can TREX do for me?

TREX has expertise in various IT areas. The examples on this page show some of the way we can help your business.

Where do I start?

If you have only a few computers, and think they should be doing more for your business, you are probably right. Today's businesses need to be connected to the Internet and need to have e-mail and file sharing between employees and computers. This example shows how TREX can help such a small company get online quickly, without breaking the budget.

A small building contractor

A building contractor's office currently utilizes two computers. They have a high quality laser printer attached to one computer, and a color laser jet on the other. They share one phone line to access the Internet, allowing only one to connect at a time. They also share a single e-mail account from their Internet provider, where they also have a small web site with an obscure address.

TREX provides assistance

TREX started by reviewing their IT situation, and recommended simple changes that can make their office run smother. Using their existing equipment, and a few inexpensive upgrades, their two computers were linked together. Files are now easily shared between the two computers, and either computer can print from either printer. The Internet connection was configured to be shared from one computer, so both can utilize the dial up connection simultaneously to access the Internet and e-mail. TREX explained the option of replacing the second phone line with a higher speed DSL connection, but the company felt this was not the best place to put their current budget. TREX assisted them in registering their company name for their Internet site, and provided some upgrades to their site, including a form to automatically collect e-mail from potential customers.

After further discussions, TREX realized that the majority of time spent on the computer systems was in tracking project status's and producing invoices. TREX was able to recommend a few programs which would streamline their tracking and invoicing processes, and present the advantages of each. When one was selected, TREX assisted in the setup and configuration of the new software, and helped to train the operators to use the software effectively. The data could be accessed and modified from either computer at any time, because they are now shared over a local network. This allowed for less time spent on preparing invoicing and provided better financial tracking. Projects were scheduled more effectively and resources utilized more efficiently.


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