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TREX has expertise in various IT areas. The examples on this page show some of the way we can help your business.

I need to get information from my existing database on my web site

Many companies have databases with valuable information about products and customers. You may also already have a basic web site that you are constantly trying to keep updated with information from this database. TREX can show you how you can securely link this database to your web site to keep your online information current. We can also implement such a system, and give you options that will meet your specific needs. Read this example to learn more.

City Recreation Center

A city recreation center maintained a database of all their classes and events that they sponsor. They keep all their records of what classes are available, and information on the people signed up for the events. They also needed to maintain the information on their web site. They did not have to hire out this web site updating, because someone in the office was trained to keep the site up to date. However, entering the same information into the database, and also putting it on the web site was a duplication of work. Furthermore, it was usually a few days before the web site was updated to reflect new classes, or to indicate classes that were full.

TREX proposes a solution

TREX reviewed their current database, and discussed how the system is used. The existing database was developed in an older database application which was not compatible with the latest web integration tools. TREX was able to reproduce the database using Microsoft Access, and was able to link this database with an online SQL database what was updated twice a day from the access database. The new database provided a streamlined interface and corrected some problems they were having with their old system. A few extra inputs were added so that the web site information all resided in the one database. Custom scripting was added to the web site to automatically display the information from the database, and additional search capabilities were added to allow people to easily find an event.

The information is now entered into the local database, and when they dial up to their Internet connection twice a day, the information is copied to the Internet web site database. The information on the web is kept up to date without having to enter the information twice, and their database is easier to maintain.


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