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Should I be Online?

Not all companies need an Internet connection. You can still share data using a local network, and get many benefits such as local E-mail and database sharing. Even if you have only two or three computers, you can benefit by sharing data as well as peripherals, such as printers or scanners.

Network Solutions

If your business has more than one computer, it will benefit from a computer network. TREX can help you find the right hardware and configure the necessary software for a fast and secure network. A network will allow you to share data between computers, reduce costs by changing information only once, and make information available to everyone who needs it. TREX can review your needs and configure the most cost-effective network for your business needs.

Determining Network Needs

Depending on the number of computers on your network and the amount of data you want to share over the network, the size and complexity of the network you need will vary. TREX can review your present and future network use and provide a plan to get the network you need. This can consist of Local Area Networks (LAN) and Internet Connections. Having an adequate network in place will allow you to share data between computers, and utilize common servers and databases.

Configuring Networks

TCP/IP, NetBois, Server/Client, Telnet, FTP, WINS Server, DNS, http. If you are not familiar with these terms, you may have trouble configuring your network. TREX is familiar with networking technology, and can help you choose the best network configuration for your company. If your LAN is connected to the Internet, it must be configured properly to protect your data from outside intruders. We can also come on site to configure your network.

I have a network, Now What?

Setting up your network is the first step to more effective use of your computing resources. By using your network, you can utilize servers to share all documents, common databases, or archived documents. TREX can consult with you on the best way to utilize your network to improve the way you do business. Maybe you need to integrate some of your databases, create a web site, or sell your products online. Contact TREX to see how we can help.


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