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What is an Intranet?

An Intranet is a network that is not publicly accessible. You can use it to share information as you would on the Internet, but only those who you grant access can view and/or edit the information.

Internets and Intranets

TREX has experience in configuring Internet, or public, networks and intranets, or private, networks. We can also provide secure methods of keeping your data synchronized across both networks. If you are already connected to the Internet, TREX can help you to use this connection effectively. If you need a connection, we can show you the various options and help you determine which is best for your needs.


If you already have a connection to the Internet, TREX can help your company control access in and out of this connection. Your Internet connection can be a vital link for sending and receiving information. We can set up web sites for your customers to gather information or purchase your products. We can also link your internal company intranet databases to your Internet web sites to keep information automatically updated.


Sharing data is very powerful, and can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. However, you do not want all this valuable information available to everyone on the Internet. If you need to share information beyond your LAN, but do not want it to be public domain, TREX can configure an Intranet, where the information will only be accessed by those who you have given access. An intranet can also be more powerful than a traditional Internet by allowing the information to be updated by various sources. Since the site is on a controlled network, each file can have individual access permissions, allowing only specified users to change it.

Your intranet can also exist over the Internet. Using methods such as password protection, secure encryption web servers, and IP address filtering, you can safely pass information over the net and know that it can only be accessed by the users you've granted permission.


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