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How do you use a database?

A custom database can be very simple to use. The interface can resemble existing forms, or look like web pages. A user should be able to use a well-developed database with little or no training.

Database Development

Most companies have some databases that they use often. TREX can help you improve any existing databases you may have, or create new ones. We can also configure your databases so it can be access from multiple computers over your network. If you have a web site, we can also use the data to automatically update your web pages.

Where do I need a database?

Databases can range from a simple address list, to a product database, including inventory, accounting, and web site integration. Most companies utilize some kind of databases already. Databases make it easy to organize and search for information. Databases storing different types of information can be linked together to automate tasks. Linking a customer database with a product database can help to create custom mailings that target your products to customers most likely to need them. TREX can help you find existing database tools that can increase your productivity, or can develop custom databases around your specific needs.

Sharing Databases

Once you have the databases you need, it will be useful to share them on your local network, or your intranet. By sharing your databases, multiple users can access them simultaneously, and see the latest information as it is updated.

Connecting Multiple Databases

If you have multiple databases, there is often data that is duplicated. For instance, you could have a customer address list for mailings, and an accounting database that lists customer accounts. By connecting these databases, a single customer list can be shared between them, and will always be up to date in both databases.

Customizing your databases

If you already use databases, TREX can help you customize them so they fit your unique needs. Not all businesses store the same information. With a custom database, the input and output screens will only show the information your company needs. This will save time and money by streamlining procedures for your business. This will also allow your databases to interface with other company resources you may use, such as your company web site.

Linking databases to web sites

TREX can link your databases to your web site to keep any product information constantly up to date. This can eliminate constant web page updates, and make your web site more useful to your customers.


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