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Who are we?

TREX is a growing group of IT experts who believe your IT investment should not be a burden on your company, but should be a valuable asset to meeting your business goals.

About TREX

The Technical Resource Exchange (TREX) was founded in 1996 to provide technical consulting and direct placement services. In February of 1999 TREX launched its web site development division in Newport, RI. This division established its online identity as "the online people."


Our Philosophy

The world of information technology is constantly changing at an incredible rate. It is difficult to keep up with the latest technology, and to know how to best utilize it. TREX has the philosophy that each businesses needs are unique, and there is not one solution that will meet everyone's needs. TREX will take the necessary time to review how your company currently does business, and then recommend ways that your processes can be streamlined by using technology. The better we understand the needs of your company, the better solutions we can recommend and implement. TREX does not try to sell products or services that your company does not need, but tries to customize what we do provide to make the most out of your IT investment.

Who is TREX

TREX is a team of IT consultants, project managers, and computer programmers. Our programming abilities allow TREX to offer web sites that are more than simple "brochure-ware". Our team specializes in active server pages and database integration, as well as custom databases and applications.

What we can do for your company

TREX can provide your business with expertise ranging from computers and network hardware, to customizing your databases. Since TREX also excels in Internet web sites, and custom applications. We can connect your internal databases to your external web site, keeping it constantly up to date, without requiring you to perform any additional work.

Call or E-mail TREX to discuss your needs with one of our IT consultants. We can sit down with you and determine what you need to keep your business connected and using IT to it's fullest potential. Or fill out this RFP form and we will get back to you.

How to Contact TREX

Contact TREX by phone at 508.495.9500 or FAX at 508.495.9599. Leave your name and number and a consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

Our address is:
Technical Resource Exchange
theonlinepeople division
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You can also e-mail TREX at


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