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Network Security

A network that is not properly configured can allow intruders to access your data. TREX will keep your network secure by determining your risk and offering various levels of protection. This can range from automatic backups to Internet firewalls.

Sharing Data

Making data available simultaneously to many people is a very effective way to utilize your IT investment. TREX can help you get your computers networked, and servers configured to have data available to everyone who needs access. TREX can also configure any databases you may need to organize and utilize your data. A computer network and a server are as essential to a thriving company as a library is to a university.


The first step to sharing data is the physical connections. TREX is knowledgeable about the latest technology and can assist you in creating an efficient and secure network. Once a network is in place, it can be utilized to share data between employees, whether they are in the next office, or across the country.


One method of sharing data is posting files to a common computer on your network, known as a server. A server can control access to various files, allowing only certain people read or write access to the file. This will make information available to everyone who needs it. Depending on the requirements, a library can range from a simple file folder structure, to a searchable database of documents available at various levels of development and in multiple formats.


Databases provide a very effective means of storing and sharing information. TREX has set up many databases, which can be accessed from local computers, or that can serve information to a web site on the Internet. To learn more about the types of databases TREX can create, visit the database development page in our business solutions area. When information is properly organized and instantaneously accessed by those who need it, your organization will be more efficient, making your company more productive.


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