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Are online databases safe?

It is not necessary to put databases themselves on the Internet. TREX can create custom scripts and programs that simply send the data to your web pages, keeping your databases safe on your company network.

Updating Web Pages

Keeping your web site up to date with your latest products or information can be time consuming and expensive. TREX can link your company databases to your Internet web pages, and have the update automatically when your data changes. This will ensure your web site is always up to date and is synchronized with your company's databases.

Automatic Updates and Live web pages

Web pages do not have to be static documents that have been created and posted to a web site for browsers to download. There are many tools that can be used to make your site dynamic. This will eliminate the need for you to continuously change the web pages on your site. TREX has the experience to make pages linked to your company databases. When a browser requests information, the web server will query your database, gather the requested information, format it into a web page, and serve the web page to the browser for viewing.


A very useful implementation of databases in web pages is for online stores. If you want to sell your products online, it will be necessary to keep a database of products that can be searched and accessed from your e-commerce web site. This database could include product descriptions, pricing, pictures, and availability. Databases can also assist in online marketing by tracking the products your customers are searching for or buying.

Other examples

Web pages that are automatically updated allow for many possibilities. It can allow you to automatically change the look of your site, depending on how the browser accessed you pages. It can automatically change advertisements, or other data on your pages. It can greatly reduce maintenance costs by allowing universal changes to your site to be made by changing only one or two files.



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