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What is IT?

IT is short for Information Technology. It is commonly used to refer to everything computer related, including the PC on your desk, your company's database applications, and the Internet connection you use.

IT Consulting

TREX can help you with almost any computer-related question you may have. We do not sell any products so we will be working for your best interests, not ours. Whether you need help selecting computers, configuring network, or better using your existing systems to increase productive, TREX can help you get the most from your IT investment.

Use your IT Better

If you are uncertain if you are spending your information technology budget wisely, TREX can help. Since we are familiar with the latest hardware and software developments, we can advise you on where your money would be best spent. We can also show you how to use your computer resources better, by eliminating duplication of work and easily sharing information between colleagues. Call or e-mail TREX with a brief description of what you sort of assistance you need, and we can discuss how TREX can help, or find more information here.

Adjusting your IT Investment

IT can consume a significant amount of your overall budget. As a result, you need to get the most for your IT dollar. TREX will analyze your existing IT needs, and help make sure your future expenditures are accurately placed. Read more about how you can expand or consolidate your IT to increase your productivity.

Sharing Data

Making data available simultaneously to many people is a very effective way to utilize your IT investment. TREX can help you get your computers networked, and servers configured to have data available to everyone who needs access. TREX can also configure any databases you may need to organize and utilize your data. A computer network and a server are as essential to a thriving company as a library is to a university. Our sharing data page has more information about networks and databases.

Updating Web Pages

Keeping your web site up to date with your latest products or information can be time consuming and expensive. TREX can link your company databases to your Internet web pages and have them update automatically when your data changes. This will ensure your web site is always up to date and synchronized with your company's databases. Learn more about how dynamic web sites work and how we can help you to get yours online.



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